Colorful Life

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Kids Art Lessons and Holiday Workshops!
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Explore Eman Nasr's colorful collection of original paintings and prints.
Our mission is to brighten up your space and add color to your life!
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Welcome To Colorful Life

Thank you for visiting our little creative colorful corner on the internet!
All artworks on this website are original pieces, and limited edition prints are available by order.
If a piece that you are interested in is sold, please get in contact to discuss a commission order.
Most likely, we will be able to recreate a unique custom-made art piece especially for you!
Colorful Life also offers, art lessons, holiday workshops and kids art parties for birthdays or any special occasion! Let your child get artsy with their friends and celebrate their special day in an unforgettable way!
Contact us to make a booking!

About the Artist

I am Eman, a passionate visual contemporary artist. My inspiration is derived from my own life journey. I have been strongly influenced by my travels around the world, and the people that I met along the way. The diversity in cultures amaze me, and are often subjects to my paintings. The colors and textures around me excite me, as reflected in my artwork. I am on a mission to make your walls pop with vibrant stunning art and add color to your surroundings!

Art is my peaceful sanctuary and it always has been. I grew up watching my mother, a professional artist herself, create beautiful artworks. As a child, she was my very first inspiration and real influence. 

I completed several art courses from Virginia Commonwealth University, and participated in several art workshops and group exhibitions both in Australia and abroad. I have sold many artworks both locally and internationally which now hang happily in over 30 homes in various parts of the world. 

My painting process is heartfelt, and usually spontaneous. I love to explore the infinite world of art, and thus you will find that my painting style and subjects differ depending on my mood and inspiration. However, one aspect remains evident in all my paintings, and that is my love for colors. I also love to experiment with textures in many of my artwork. 

Every stroke of my brush is an imagination let loose, and every color that I mix is an emotion I am setting free. My passion for art continues to grow each day and I hope I can be an inspiration to others to follow their dreams and do more of what makes them feel happy and fulfilled.